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Belgium soccer club

Medal Belgium soccer club

Austria Archery contest

Medal Austria Archery contest

Italian country contest

Medal Italian country contest

Russian shooting contest

Medal Russian shooting contest

Irish Lucky Coin

Medal Irish Lucky Coin

Slovenia Karate Contest

Medal Slovenia Karate Contest

NATO tact. trainning

Medal NATO tact. trainning

World Dance Championship

Medal World Dance Championship

Street Hockey Cup

Medal Street Hockey Cup

European Ploughin Federation

Medal European Ploughin Federation

Powerlifting Contest

Medal Powerlifting Contest

Security agency insignia

Medal Security agency insignia

Slovakia betting contest

Medal Slovakia betting contest

Cross decoration universal

Medal Cross decoration universal

Kids day - medal

Medal Kids day - medal

Funny face medal

Medal Funny face medal

Cross decoration fireman

Medal Cross decoration fireman

Třešovice 50th celebration

Medal Třešovice 50th celebration

ITA - Country club

Medal ITA - Country club

Rex Bohemia plaquette

Medal Rex Bohemia plaquette

Rex Bohemia plaquette

Medal Rex Bohemia plaquette

Native Archery

Medal Native Archery

Glass Trophy Dogs Belgium

Medal Glass Trophy Dogs Belgium

Keyholder Prague 2013

Medal Keyholder Prague 2013

Pins with motives

Medal Pins with motives

George of Poděbrady Seal

Medal George of Poděbrady Seal

IRP Prague

Medal IRP Prague

Slovakia Rimes

Medal Slovakia Rimes

Veteran Car Club

Medal Veteran Car Club

Glass Trophy Horses

Medal Glass Trophy Horses

Dancing 2014 model nr. 1

Medal Dancing 2014 model nr. 1

Dancing 2014 model nr. 2

Medal Dancing 2014 model nr. 2

Dancing 2014 model nr. 4

Medal Dancing 2014 model nr. 4

Dancing 2014 model nr. 5

Medal Dancing 2014 model nr. 5

Town Kralupy cup

Medal Town Kralupy cup

Valachia Run

Medal Valachia Run

Valachia Run II

Medal Valachia Run II

Majorettes competition

Medal Majorettes competition

Glass Trophy Badminton

Medal Glass Trophy Badminton

Gymnastic Vimperk

Medal Gymnastic Vimperk

Basketball Prague 2011

Medal Basketball Prague 2011

Basketball Prague 2012

Medal Basketball Prague 2012

Basketball Prague 2013

Medal Basketball Prague 2013

Minning org. celebration

Medal Minning org. celebration

Dance organization competition

Medal Dance organization competition

Belgium & Czech medal

Medal Belgium & Czech medal

Fireman Oldtime nr.10

Medal Fireman Oldtime nr.10

Belgium cup

Medal Belgium cup

Canoeing Cup Moravia

Medal Canoeing Cup Moravia

Glass Trophy Brugges

Medal Glass Trophy Brugges


Medal Numbers

Glass Trophy Roller Skating

Medal Glass Trophy Roller Skating

Belgium medals

Medal Belgium medals

Slovakia Triatlon

Medal Slovakia Triatlon

Decor cross-medal

Medal Decor cross-medal

McDonalds Cup 2013

Medal McDonalds Cup 2013

Prague 2013

Medal Prague 2013

Slovakia Taekwondo

Medal Slovakia Taekwondo

Modrany industry

Medal Modrany industry

Slovakia medals

Medal Slovakia medals

Glass Trophy Karate

Medal Glass Trophy Karate

Belgium medal with star

Medal Belgium medal with star

50th celebration firemen club

Medal 50th celebration firemen club

Dancing competition

Medal Dancing competition

Slovakia Chemistry competition

Medal Slovakia Chemistry competition

Junior hockey cup

Medal Junior hockey cup

Czech navy cross

Medal Czech navy cross